“The issue is never the issue.
That you made it the issue, is the issue.”

Jennifer Hough

In the past many weeks, I’ve been very aware of the polarity here in the United States. So many spout spiritual platitudes like “it’s perfect even if it does look that way now,“ or, “it’s all going to be OK.“ People are also giving their power away to ideas like New World orders that are just going to come from out of the sky.

Well, it’s certainly going to be what it’s going to be. I am very clear that we all get to show up in ways that we are free to show up.

I get to choose as well.

Civilization moves in the direction that each individual chooses to take, and the whole of civilization is simply a reflection of those individual choices. Not that we need to carry humanity. But that we have the privilege of living in this heavenly world, and we can either be present to the possibility of harmony or choose to be present to the polarizing ideas/people/things around us that look like disharmony. (And complain about them out loud, or in our minds.)

I can only add to the possibility of more goodness abounding if I am feeling in overflow myself. I can only respond with kindness if I am thriving forward. I can only build bridges when conversations get difficult if my emotional resources abound. I am responsible for making sure that my cup floweth over.

For instance, yesterday I overreacted to something. Many variables contributed to my overreaction. I could easily blame my overreaction on eating a little sugar, collective anxiety, I didn’t get to go for my walk because it rained, someone I love was in a bad mood, or some other outside circumstance. My Ego temporarily tried to convince me of each of those being true. However, I can also take responsibility for being a relentless champion for my mood, vibration and presence, expanding in the direction of Greater frequencies than any of those circumstances. You and I both have that power. Everyone does.

Nothing is lacking. And there’s nothing wrong when you or I are a little bit off our game. However…

Not only am I having more and more grace for myself every day, but I am also noticing that because of that space and grace, my relationship to my more wise/helpful internal guidance is deepening.

My relationship to that deeper wisdom is not expanding because I am special, but because I choose to allow myself to be vulnerable to my/our own humanness. There is never anything wrong or missing.

The purpose of life is not to get it right, or to be safe. The purpose of life is to create in a direction that would fulfill you, and the result is that you will learn what you need to learn in order to be the contribution you came here to be. When you stop growing, you are choosing the path of less aliveness, not more.

Most people react to what’s going on in the world right now like there is something deeply wrong. There is also a lot of finger-pointing. This is the opposite of taking personal responsibility. There is no one out there making your life worse. You are a creator in human form. If you relate to life in any other way, you will feel like a victim. You are a victim of nothing. Not leaders, not vaccines, not masks, not political parties, not men, not women. You are not a victim because you get to choose how you emotionally and spiritually respond. You get to choose whether you learn how to take higher ground, or not. You have the freedom at any moment to take the high road, and build bridges instead of walls.

I cannot yell and scream about my circumstance the other day (no matter how justified my Ego felt), because screaming about reality changes nothing. I can, however, do things to change my relationship to the circumstances. My relationship to the people involved. I can also open my heart to the idea that the circumstances are not as they appear. I can also get curious to find out more about the circumstances and the people involved. When the time is right and life presents me with the opportunity.

It takes a lot of courage to own your life experience. It takes a lot of practice, too. It also takes a posse of people who see you for who you are when you forget.

Some say that it is lazy to blame others. I just say that it is well-practiced. Sometimes so well-practiced that it looks like the only reality that’s possible.

Well, it’s not.

The laws of physics say that the instant an issue or problem is created, there are multiple solutions also created. Ask yourself if you are more interested in yelling about the problem, or being curious about the answers that lead to more harmony, and the possibility of the civilization finding its way home.

Guess which one I’m interested in? Maybe you’ll join me in being interested in expanding solutions?

And it starts with self-responsibility. And then the world is your oyster.

Play more, blame less.

Listen more, opinionate less

Appreciate more, complain less.

Create more good, use your human resource to build bridges, be vigilant for what works and what brings people together. Separate less.

Many blessings your way today! I’ll see you out in the sandbox of life.

“When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lau Tzu

With love,