June is a month of great change…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

This is a really important update from my heart to yours… because we can’t get away with sneaking in under the radar anymore.

June is a month of great change and I wanted to share some awarenesses with you which I hope are helpful:

  1. YOU MAY FIND YOURSELF NEEDING MORE SPACE AND TIME – Pay Attention To Your Body: The speed of change is going to quicken significantly.
  2. REGARDLESS OF SOME SEEMINGLY TRAUMATIC, DON’T JUDGE OR LET YOURSELF PROJECT FEAR – Stay In Your Center: There will be people who go through quite a bit of drama around change.
  3. THE CHANGES THAT ARE PRESENTING ARE BECAUSE OF WORLD EVENTS – Even if you don’t pay attention to world events, the metaphysical environment is working at lightning speed to re-arrange our energy and surroundings; perhaps you’ll see that play out in your life. Do Know This: Your presence matters.
  4. WHEN THINGS SPEED UP, THE OPPORTUNITIES ALSO SPEED UP – It Calls For Far More Grounding And Centering: I go on twice as many walks, including under the stars, at night. I’m cutting out things that are just busy work and figuring out easier ways to do other things. See if you can do the same, being aware of presenting opportunities.
  5. YOU ARE AND ALWAYS HAVE BEEN SERVED DEEPLY BY CONSCIOUSNESS – So nevermind your personality’s expectations about June: show up for exactly what is presenting for you. Expectations only cause upset, making you unaware of non-linear ways of achieving quantum leaps in your results. Hold it all loosely this month.

This is a time for the dream that is dreaming you to come alive in your body and life, without the effort – that is prosperity.

I truly hope this message brings some meaningful awareness your way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please share by replying to this email.

With love and deep appreciation,

P.S TED TALK, SO THANKFUL: I’m so thankful for everyone who has shared my TEDx talk and I am so moved by how many people are inspired by it. My heart is full. If you haven’t seen it yet, want to watch it again or would like to share it, here’s the link: Movement of One



I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

Worthiness. I spent a good portion of my childhood trying to be enough.

How about you?

Every time you seek to prove your worth, you are coming from a place that presumes that you’re somehow lacking.

You were literally an etheric metaphysical being, who poured into a body in perfect timing. You are a meat suit flying through space at 55,000 miles per hour while miraculously housing a soul and spirit. You witness sunsets, mountain tops, births, deaths. You breathe the air that trillions of trees breathe out just for you!

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Fears and freedom

Fears and freedom

The other morning, as I was pulling out an old plant that took up a lot of room and was on its way out, I heard the bell from the Baptist church down the road, at the same time as I caught a glimpse of the peonies I was planting to replace the old bush.

I love peonies. They remind me of Canada and my front yard. They take me to an emotional home place. That’s why I’m planting them. I keep imagining seeing the peonies while I’m sitting on my front porch.

At the gathering place down the road, the minister is impassioned and talks very loudly. Sometimes, he’s incredibly inspiring and I just stand outside on the road and listen, while at others when he talks about the challenging aspects of humanity, there’s fear within the church. I speak at many churches, so this isn’t about making church wrong, but rather the idea that most of humanity spends time finger-pointing.

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My heart is so full of blessings…

My heart is so full of blessings…

After a rich and vibrant time in the Embodiment Workshop in Asheville, my heart is so full of blessings.

I’m so grateful for the participants, the TWA Team, and so incredibly blessed to have opulence everywhere around me in my garden. Not only for the lettuce, but the seeds for new lettuce. It’s truly overflowing …

I’m grateful for all the shifts and clarity that happened for both myself, and collectively, and wanted to share something with you…

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