Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Forget the naysayers and join the yaysayers as an Agent of Awakening.”

I’m so over the top excited about our new members. Have you joined us yet? Here’s the deal — what I’ve seen over the years is that when we’re presented with new opportunities and growth, we experience some serious naysayers who try to keep us off our destined paths.

I don’t want to focus too much on this because I’m really all about transformation, activation, and leading others to be Agents of Awakening. But, I wouldn’t be serving you to the highest degree if I didn’t let you know that you might experience some pushback from those you love, and those who don’t want you to evolve…

Think about what happened to Janice, Arlene, Sue, and Sandy when they decided to commit to themselves.

They all experienced some self-doubt, releasing of the old to make room for the new, manipulation from those who didn’t want them to grow, upheaval in relationships, and more.

And, remember the “big buts!”? They pushed past it, stepped into their upper limits, and committed to themselves to witness and embody complete transformation in their lives.

That can all be yours and more when you become an Agent of Awakening and join the yaysayers.

With Love,


DISCOVER – Mon, July 19, 1:00pm ET

In this interactive experience you will discover the ‘Cosmic Carwash’ and 2 other game-changing tools you need to thrive in 2021.


ACTIVATE – Fri, June 25, 1:00pm ET

Join this live Q&A with Jennifer Hough for answers to your questions in a way that address you where you are and encourages you to step into your personal gifts that make you uniquely and brilliantly you.



BREAKTHROUGH – Fri, July 9, 1:00pm ET

Jennifer will use her ability to see holographically to find incongruences in your field, guide you back to your ultimate flow and heal the density in the way of thriving.



AWAKEN – Thurs, July 15, 4:00pm ET

A transformational experience that will show you how to fly forward with your purpose, prosperity, business, relationships, body and bliss in a fully integrated state.

Embody your superpowers. Amplify your unique gifts and strengths. Experience exponential growth and transformation.



EXPLORE – Mon, July 19, 1:00pm ET

Take a peek behind the curtain at the Agents of Awakening community and all of the wonderful content, courses and community conversations that are included.



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