“Your timing and Universal timing are often different. Make sure you hold your timing loosely to make way for effortless flow.”
Jennifer Hough

I cannot even tell you how often I see clients and friends sabotaging their own flights.I can get riled up when genius unicorns sabotage themselves when they are on the verge of flying. I’ve had some powerful conversations with some clients lately, and I felt called to share these notes with a vision to assist you or someone you love:

Here are five ways that we get in our own way:

  • Picking an unproductive aim for our lives: We are sold a bill of goods that the programs we take, and the relationships we are in, ought to make us happy all the time. Nope! Having happiness as your goal is a booby trap! Richness of experience is the aim.

  • Aiming for comfort instead of expansion: Being attached to your timing, versus Universal timing, is an example of this. Another way to sabotage one’s self is to think that there should be no bumps, and then when there is a bump, just opt out, instead of trusting love and conversation.

  • Being driven by the past versus being inspired by a future: Having this idea of “needing to prove yourself” running in the background, because someone told you that you weren’t good enough and you believed them. In order to prove yourself, you have to do it yourself. Ergo, no room for contribution from your Greater Wisdom, or other humans.

  • Perfectionism: Needing rationales for decisions, instead of learning the language of ‘going direct’ so you can follow your intuition consistently. You won’t get it perfectly, according to society/books/your parents, by following your guidance, but you will have a much more expansive life.

  • Forcing and pushing, instead of learning to receive: Forgetting that enjoying the process gives you enjoyable outcomes. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you can’t possibly enjoy the outcome; it’s physics.

Yes, I know, just writing these self-sabotage mechanisms out does not assist you to embody the shifts. That’s literally why we use advanced metaphysical tools to permanently alter the way you relate to your life, so there’s no going back. But, for now, they are in your consciousness.

Finally, I just want to share, from the deepest place in my heart, don’t do this alone.

Much of my journey was spent trying to prove something, and not making myself vulnerable to others (including the Universe) who might have helped. That is the slow track, but my Ego was stubborn. Lesson learned!

Here’s to waking up and staying awake together.

With Love,