“Don’t put icing on a mud-pie. Clean up the mud-pie first and then make brownies and invite friends. (Make sure it smells really good too) Oh, and get some ice cream)”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Well, the first week of the new year is behind us, how’d you do?

For me, it has been quite a beginning… I left Canada for North Carolina, I married my Sweetie, I dealt with holidays without my biological family, and I realized that so much was coming up that I need to take lots of downtime to catch up… lots. I definitely was in full on “using the tools” of Awakening mode.

While it can take some time to get into the swing of “the new”, it is important to acknowledge and complete all the stuff that came up during the holidays. You wouldn’t wan tot put icing on a mud-pie would you? Listen, I think this might help a little…

Watch here…

With an open heart,



Getting Back in the Flow

Hey! How’s your 2017 going so far?

Well, as per usual, whenever a new year starts, the energy really starts moving. We want to get on with our projects; we’ve been so involved with the holidays and other stuff, it’s almost like a big slingshot! So, sometimes when we get excited about moving forward, we get a little ahead of ourselves, or sometimes we stir the pot a little bit; it takes a little bit to get everybody on the same page. So, remember that as we come into this beginning of the year, if you are instigating something, leading something, or if you’re a coach, the head of a family, or you’re mentoring someone… whatever the case may be, whatever your job is, remember that one of the best things that you can do is to bring people to Earth. Bring people to the “where we’re at”… where we want to start is where we are at, and then we can build from there.

Where are we at? What’s the vision, the mission, what is this family all about, where are you at as my client? Where’s the team at, if I work corporately? Where are we at? One of the most important things you can do is ground that – not just restart “business as usual.” The energy of 2017 is entirely different from the energy of 2016! So, I want to give you a tool today; this tool is around what happens where there is a whole bunch of contrast, or people don’t seem to be following what you imagined. At TWA, we have a team of people that are all leaders, they are all geniuses in their own right… they all love and adore you, including me, and they all want to do an amazing job. And, of course, they are doing all the work that we do here, but at the same time, when you’re in that intense cosmic car was of TWA, the stuff that gets int he way of you being truly fluid probably comes up even more so than out in the real world, because we’re all paying attention to it. Just a very loving vortex to be able to move through it with ease and flow. I want to show you some of the tools that we all use, and these tools are from what we’re calling “The Seven Skills to Becoming the Magnet”… very, very powerful – and this is one of the skills.

Remember, anything that everyone does, if you think of it in terms of, for instance, what the Course of Miracles said, “Every action is either an act of love or a cry for love,” so if we hold that perspective, we can see the people that are acting from generosity and contribution, and where people are scared and afraid; and, then our actions become commensurate with which one is this activity that’s going in front of me. “Is this an act of love, or a cry for love?”

So, we ask that first question, where appropriate, “Is what’s going on an act of love or a cry for love?”

The second question is, if something is coming up for you, for instance, instead of in front of you… and you’re going through a lot of turmoil, or you’re really frustrated by something, or one of your expectations hasn’t been met, or your Ego is throwing a cosmic temper-tantrum, ask yourself, “Is the perspective that I’m holding even mine? Where did it come from?” But, look deep, look REALLY deep; look at your ancestry, look at your culture, look at where your expectations come from, look at where the paradigm came from. Look at your parents, look at your school, look at the culture around you; is it even yours? Because, you see, as soon as you realize that it isn’t yours, you can give it back.

The next question to ask is, “What would love do? What would love do in this situation? What would love do for myself? What would love do for the person who is going through a moment of a cry for love? What would love do?”

To me, the last question is probably the most important question, because you wouldn’t even be willing to ask the questions without the last question, and that is, “Would I be willing to drop my righteousness to ask the first three questions? Would I be willing to step out of the way so that I can ask myself the first three questions?”

That’s one skill; asking powerful questions to get you back into the flow with the entire Universe, so you can expand your own personal Heaven on Earth, and, therefore, expand Heaven on Earth in general. After all, if you’re here listening right now, you’re definitely part of the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew… you know what I’m saying!

Alright, guys, I just want you to know I am with you every step of the way, my friends… so, let’s do this 2017 together! We’ll let you know soon where you can get those seven skills. I’m so excited that I could share that one skill with you, asking powerful questions to get you back on track. I know they definitely work for me; they almost come on auto-pilot now, I’ve been using them for so many years. they’re a little part of Get Out of Your Own Way™ and all the programs that we do!

Love, and hugs and lots of smooshy’s and we’ll see you next week! [Blows kiss]

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