“If you are waiting for the density to resolve and for fear to go away before you jump into life, I have some news for you… It is not that you need to get rid of the fear in order to fly. It is that you need to start flying to witness the fear becoming irrelevant, as your heart displaces fear with the truth of who you are.”
Jennifer Hough

It’s so important to be vigilant for what you desire in this world… and to be a relentless champion for that vigilance; otherwise it’s too easy to go into fear.

Flying forward is the antidote to fear. Create to fly forward. That is what you were born for! Hey, your Ego made up the paradigm you live in, to keep itself from dying and to keep you from flying forward. That’s baloney. Are you kidding me? God/Creation/Universe would have to be pretty mean, if it intended for your Ego to keep you constantly in fear! If we wait for the fear to go away, the world and you will never experience your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth.

Fear is simply your Ego trying to keep itself from dying. The only part of you that is afraid of death is your Ego.

Bless its protective little heart. What it says to you is that it is protecting you from failing, hurting, or making a difference in the world, because you might be judged. I guarantee you, you will be judged no matter what. Who cares? You are here to awaken humanity through the example of your life. You are here to enjoy and emanate your heartfelt reverence for being alive.

Okay, so you might need a little courage and a little cheerleading, but are you really still taking your Ego seriously? Seriously?!

With love,
Jennifer xoxoxo

P.S. I’m your biggest fan! Can’t help myself. Look at how adorable you are!