Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“We can grow bigger than any cosmological event!
Jennifer Hough

Feeling tired, out of sorts, sleepless, not able to keep my eyes open, being “off,” having poor concentration, and achiness were all in the cards for me this week. Why? Because solar flares are real, and we are magnetic and electrical beings. We have receptor sites for synchrotronic radiation from the sun on the outside of our cells.

Did you feel it last week? Our staff sure did, and a few of our clients reached out and asked, “What is going on?” I did, as well, because I forgot to look at the solar forecast until Jeannie reminded me. Our work is based on Epigenetics, Biophysics, and Astrophysics. This is the kind of information that saved my life when I was trying to understand what all of my woo friends (and I say that with love) were sharing with me about the land of spirit. I could feel they were right, but I was not willing to speak one word of it, given my accounting/economics/biology-based mind.

Can we transcend being affected by these cosmological events? Of course!

That is part of what we teach at The Wide Awakening. Most people in the spiritual community (without the science) were looking at some collective energy, or some past life, and those may have come into play. However, what I am more interested in is accessing the subatomic part of us that actually, in a multi-dimensional reality, IS (according to Nassim Haramein) the toroidal field of possibility of Creation itself. That’s because if we can be aware of that while simultaneously living in this 3D reality, we can be perceptively bigger than any cosmological event.

I know, I sound way out there. But really, I’m not. We were born to create. We were born to expand forward. We were not born to be a victim of anyone, any event, or anything. But that does not come by “stifling” the thing. Or arguing with the person. Or acquiescing to the events. It starts by fully realizing our multi-dimensional nature. Period. And that takes attention, time and some focus.

So grateful for being given this work, and for your having the courage to get your left logical brain aligned with that magnificent expansive all-seeing right brain.

If ever there was a time to know our power to transcend, it’s now. Try this: The next time there is a solar flare, see yourself as much bigger than it. See that the solar flare is within the realm of that which you have created. You are not in its environment; it is in yours.

See how your body reacts.

And this works for anything you feel you are a victim of… just saying.

With love,