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“When you change yourself so that others will not be upset by you, some will still judge and you will expend a lot of effort. When you be who you are, then at least one of you is happy.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

I just had a beautiful conversation with one of our team members about something I can relate to… being told that I am “too much,” with the implicit message being that I should dull myself down.

Has anyone ever told you that?

It really sucks when you spend your life thinking that nobody “sees” you, or that you know you think differently from many people in your life. There are two main, standard human responses to being told “you are too much,” or “too different”:

1) Trying really hard to get people to like you by changing, or
2) Becoming incredibly independent, so that you are an island and can avoid people. Offense or Defense.

Sometimes your light won’t ignite the flames you wish it would, but you will ignite the flames of those who are ready. First, though, you have to let yourself be yourself. So much more efficient!

You radiator, you….




P.S. I’m basking in your glow… bring it!