Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Carrying others is more about the pain you feel from watching those you love struggle… it’s not about what would work.”
Jennifer Hough

Have you ever wanted to help someone you love so much that it hurts? However, you know it’s not what would help?

Right now, my dear friend AND my hubby are both going through huge changes and transitions in their lives.

I remember a time when I just could not stand to see people I love struggle or suffer (according to my projection, of course). I just wanted to give them answers… why waste all of this intuition I seem to have??? LOL

Why, indeed. I soon found out that I was being pretty arrogant. It was I who was uncomfortable with their struggle; they are just going through their lives, getting what they need to get, in their own time and in their own way!

I am so incredibly grateful for this wickedly well-groomed Operating System of mine! I worked hard to get to the place where I can just love without collapsing it with carrying those I love, the way I used to.

Carrying costs me:
(1) The Miracle Zone, because it takes me out of my connection to guidance,
(2) Energy, because I am born to flow with what my life brings me, for me, and
(3) Motivation, because I use them as my excuse to feel yuck.

Oh, it still comes up occasionally, but it is so obvious how unproductive projecting my wisdom on someone else is, when it isn’t being asked for.

Hey, if you or I were meant to impose on someone else’s life, our spirit would be living through their body… but it is not. They have their connections to the divine. And what I realized a couple of decades ago is that, most times, imposing my wisdom actually takes them away from finding their own, unless specifically and deeply asked for, of course.

Best that I keep on my own journey courageously, as the intrepid love beam I have always been. And if they ask, I’m happy to offer my two cents.

Just shine your light, AND KNOW THAT THEY HAVE THEIR OWN CONNECTION TO SOURCE, JUST LIKE YOU! Your knowing of your own connection becomes the most important gift you can give another when they are struggling.


In the meantime, be an uninterrupted example of expanding and creating, based on the gift that you are with your Super Powers.

We are in this together! One of the skills I have mastered over the years is to see the hologram of who someone was born to be, before they can see it, or have embodied it. It is a privilege that I do not squander or take for granted or detour in order to carry others, unless they ask!

What is your gift? Are you a relentless champion of your frequency? Are you a master of staying in your flow and in your lane? Are you a budding Agent of Awakening?

Thank you for being you. Thanks for being a bad-ass love beam. Thanks for loving who you love.

I deeply appreciate you and your journey so far. I personally know what it has taken.

Don’t beat yourself up for carrying others. Just gently focus forward, and know that you will be shown OBVIOUSLY if you are meant to contribute to another.

With love,