From The Wide Awakening Weekly, April 1, 2015

“What would life look like if we all started gingerly opening our hearts again and playing like grown up 3-year-olds?”  ~ Jennifer Hough 

Hi there,

You know spring is a time of rebirth (just think of the symbolism of Easter). I have been cleaning out closets, and also discovering new ways to fly with flow. Problem is, I gotta let go of the old. OOooooo, scary (to the ego), but exciting to the expansive ‘me’.

What’s it going to take to experience this kind of fluidity?

  1. A willingness to let go of knowing how, when or why things happen.
  2. A willingness to know with every cell that the Universe has you in it’s arms with every step. Everything is happening FOR you, not to you.
  3. A willingness to follow the call of your heart and take your fears/ego very, very, very (did we mention very) lightly. Has your ego done anything for you lately?
  4. Find those willing to go on that vulnerable adventure with you. It is time not to be alone anymore…..
  5. Finally and most importantly, a total willingness to stop the pursuit of fixing yourself. You are not, were not and will never be broken. You are on an adventure whose design is to never get it right so you can always be in joyous discovery!

Hey, check out this Spring Equinox Activation…it was yummy!


You can go kicking and screaming, or you can just go. Just saying.

Game on.


What do you think? Love to hear your comments below…