“Life is not a school; it is a dance hall.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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How would you relate to life, business, your relationships, or the Universe differently if you were its dance partner, rather than its student? Now, before you say, “Jennifer, that is ridiculous… of course life is a school…Duh, I learn things all the time.”

Consider this…

You are an equal with, and created by, Infinite Wisdom. Your life is an expression of its life. The more you expand, the more it expands. The Universe can’t wait to show you its moves so you can reciprocate. It serves both of you.

Oh, you’ll learn lessons, but they will come as a result of the sexy salsa you have going on with life. Learning is the result of the dance, not the goal!

With love,


P.S. What a relief, right? The purpose of life is the enjoyment of the joyous dance… and I gotta say, I love it when we tango together! xoxoxo