“Be a relentless champion of embodying all of yourself, and the judgements of others will become insignificant.”
Jennifer Hough

I realized about a month ago that I had to be myself at a whole other level.

As I write this, it sounds a bit silly; why would I NOT want to be fully myself?

I heard my Ego say, “Duh, ‘cause if you’re fully yourself, then when people judge (and they will), they aren’t judging your ‘persona,’ they are actually judging the real YOU.”

And so what? Sigh, I have so much compassion for those who put themselves out there. I remember my divorce many years ago, and though I did my best, of course there was so much hurt. I could only go about it in a way that I knew then. People took sides. It hurt. And yet, to be myself means keeping my heart open still for love to return in this life or the next. It’s a muscle that I continue to exercise.

I did a poll of our clients and friends recently, and realized that “being seen” is a big thing for most people.

What’s the benefit of being a relentless champion for becoming yourself? Fulfillment, expansion, and way more energy!

Trust me, I live it every day.

The extra bonus? For me, it’s that we walk around as a possible living inspiration for friends, family and children by facing forward. Our future generations change because we have the courage to do and be everything we came here to do and be.

Hey, people will judge you anyhow, so you might as well BE YOU; at least that’s what I choose.

At the frequency of “all of you,” you realize there are bigger things for which you were born. Be a relentless champion of embodying yourself, and the judgments of others will become so small. What can you do right now to remember that Creation thought you were a good idea?And there is so much freedom in just surrendering to the FULLNESS OF YOU!

Pssst… I see you.

With love,