Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“Life never gives you too much; it only gives you opportunities to stop doing it all alone.”
Jennifer Hough

Sigh. My heart is so full. We had our first physical get together… first one in the last one-and-a-half years, and it was a divine doozy.

A huge deepening which I’ll get to, but first some context.

Fifteen years ago, I was with a boyfriend and all of my luggage on a Tube Station platform in London, UK. There were stairs in front of me. My boyfriend asked, “Want any help?,” to which I responded, “Nope, I can do it!” Then a stranger offered the same generous thing… and again I said, “I’m good.”

After hauling the bags down the stairs and standing there on the platform, a whole download happened and I started to get teary. What the heck was I thinking? Two lovely humans wanted to contribute to me and make my life easier, and I said “no.”

Then I realized that I had been doing that in my business, my relationship, my finances, and my family. I had been trained by life and my family to be so uber independent and have it handled. Yet I complained about how much I had to do, and how hard it was to do it all.


This weekend, my program assistant, Diane, for The Thriving Operating System- Level 2 program, had her flight cancelled. EVERYONE in the program assisted me, contributed, and just played to make sure I was supported in the most beautiful ways; the generosity in the room was palpable. And I think that Diane actually was in the perfect place with those online.

So, just in case you needed a little reminding today:

THE UNIVERSE CONSTANTLY REMINDS US WE ARE NOT ALONE: Don’t ignore those moments that guide you to the left. Pause when your numbers line up on the clock, or the speedometer. When you think of someone you appreciate, call them and tell them. When a little love note pops up on Facebook from someone who loves you; read it. The Universe always has, and will always have, your back. BUT MAYBE IT’S TIME TO LET SOME ACTUAL HUMANS IN.

Stay tuned for our emails this week about the power of community and the skills to truly thrive.

I love being humbled by life; don’t you?