From the Wide Awakening Weekly, May 14, 2014

…Maybe you should consider thanking them… ‘just saying.

“The people who most trigger you are the ones who agreed to be catalysts for change. In the next lifetime, they will be the most grateful of all, when they experience the Heaven you created.” ~ J. Hough (Tweetable)

Hi There,

Remember to be patient. The light may take some time to laser through the oldest stuff…. Just know it will. And generally it won’t be on your timing, but it will be in perfect timing.

Though they trigger you, the appropriate response to catalysts is ‘Thank you.’

These people give us more fuel for the journey back to being our piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth, so we can fit together in Harmony.

A reminder: Triggering people may or may not be in your life for you to assist them….. Discern that quickly and act accordingly. These may be people asking for your special kind of light.

Anyone with me?

Jennifer Hough GirlLove,

Jennifer xoxo

P.S. Um, remember that the dark you perceive is simply made of the same light that you are… It might help you to be a little more compassionate. (Tweetable)


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