“A little message from Jennifer about Get Out of Your Own Way….”
A power free Workshop that activates and upgrades, “Freeing yourself Doubt and Gaining Clarity with your Innate Wisdom”
It will help you understand the magic of Get Out of Your Own Way to a Thriving Body.



12 Days of Awakening
Home Study Program
to deepen your experience!
A $197 Value

Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving BodyIN-PERSON & ONLINE

DATES: Friday, Feb 9 – Sunday, Feb 11, 2018
TIME: 9AM – 5:30PM ET
LOCATION: Asheville, North Carolina
OR from your Computer/Phone


Are you ready to be FREE from everything that stops you, and to open yourself up to a Thriving Body?

Are you ready to AWAKEN your multi-dimensional body to effortless flow, without needing to excavate your stories?
What if there were new technology to FAST TRACK YOUR LIFE by upgrading your DNA?


  • Is it possible to free my body from my genetic history, and to find more energy without super restrictive diets and difficult exercise programs?
  • I can see my entanglement with food, but why is it so much work to change it?
  • What exactly are the messages that my body is telling me, and how can I always have clarity?
  • I still seem to have buttons that get pushed; how do I free myself from the buttons?
  • Is there any way to reverse my biological age and defy statistics?
  • How do I transcend my resistance to aging, and feel younger as I add years?
  • I keep asking, and I know the Universe delivers, so what am I missing?
  • How can I have a permanent cellular shift quickly, without long processes?
  • If I were free of resistance, what would my body look and feel like?  What are the metaphysical and real life tools to do that?

What if life were easy?


“Today was, by far, the most powerful of all the classes for me, even though each of them was very deep and transformative. A special thanks to Jennifer! You are in my heart, forever and ever. Thank you so much for everything!!!!””

~ Bonnie O., Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States

What you will get from

Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving BodyTHIS LIFE-CHANGING PROGRAM is the ULTIMATE experience for people who are ready to live in harmony, and to dance with all that is presenting in their lives.

In this 3-day Program, get into the flow effortlessly, and finally be at peace with your body and food, and master your ability to work with your cells in order to thrive! Let the world, food, emotions and life release their holds on you, so you can really see what this glorious piece of equipment can do for you when you get out of your own way!

What will you get from Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving Body?

  • Learn to live beyond the Ego and free yourself of the physical manifestations of that resistance.
  • Gain clarity on why many others, like yourself, feel a sense of urgency for “getting on with life,” even if you may not know what life is calling you toward… and have your cells be your greatest source of support and energy in your journey to clarity.
  • Move beyond old limiting patterns in hours, not weeks or years!
  • Transmute hundreds of beliefs about your age, your body, and your relationship to health. Watch your body shift to reflect the new-found freedom.
  • Transcend the self-judgments or the judgments of others, and the weight that is related with those judgments.
  • Stop being physically and emotionally affected by the shifts in Awakening, and instead, upgrade to become the instrument for Awakening, living fully in your power.

In each Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving Body module, you will …

  • EXPERIENCE TOOLS, ACTIVATIONS AND SHIFTS IMMEDIATELY: These will assist you in fully integrating with the vitality that the Universe intended for you. You will see how we are designed to thrive, as we move through our three days together.
  • HOMEWORK THAT WILL CAUSE PERMANENT CELLULAR SHIFTS: Every module will offer you fun and experiential homework to cause the changes!


“The Get Out of Your Own Way™ course has changed my life. I now feel incredible!!!! I learned how to let go of the past and to create a future full of fun, adventure and freedom. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and life experience to make such a profound difference in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Chris N., London, England, United Kingdom

Why is Get Out of Your Own Way™
the Fast Track to your journey?

  • It gives you the tools to live a life beyond the Ego, and to free yourself from the physical manifestations of that resistance.
  • You gain clarity on why you feel a sense of urgency of “getting on with it,” even if you don’t know what that “it” is.
  • It enables you to ‘go direct’ with your greatest guide (your body), and to get clear direction.
  • The metaphysical tools and processes that come through consciousness enable us all to  go of 100s of patterns in hours, not weeks or years.
  • It provides the processes to transmute hundreds of beliefs about your life, your body, and your relationship to health. Watch your body shift to reflect the new-found freedom, and catch up to itself in the weeks and months following the program.
  • We facilitate the embodiment of the truth of who you are, which allows you to let go of the need to judge yourself or worry about the judgment of others.
  • Be supported long after the program ends.


“I am excited to do some work with Jennifer again! I took Get Out of Your Own Way™. I learned so, so many things, but I have to say that so much of what Jennifer says I feel like, ‘Oh yes! I knew that.’ But I just never had the words! I just love the way Jennifer brings out real life. Yep! She is the real deal! So looking forward to this.”

~ Vickie D., Angola, Indiana, United States

What’s possible from taking
Get Out of Your Own Way™
to a Thriving Body?

  • FOOD, EATING PATTERNS, and ADDICTIONS: Break free of causes, magnetics and entanglements, so you can fly forward without the old stuff stopping you.
  • YOUR GREATEST GUIDE: Every symptom is a communication. What if there were a non-linear way to get the message directly, instead of trying so hard to interpret mentally? There is… we’ll dive in together.
  • SYMPTOMS: Feel the freedom from your genetics and the karmic connections to disease. See beyond medical dogma. Understand how to open your cells to vitality, and listen to what your cells are communicating about your purpose and what’s in the way.
  • OPEN UP TO UNIVERSAL CIRCULATION AND YOUR COSMIC AGE: Watch your body relax into a more youthful, permanent trajectory.
  • DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN FEEL YOUNG, NO MATTER YOUR AGE: Transmute hundreds of paradigms, thoughts, beliefs and patterns that are affecting your body.
  • ACTIVATE THE TRUTH OF WHAT THE BODY CAN DO: Things like needing less sleep, being laser focused, becoming strong, drawing nourishment from the sun… and so much more.
  • LEARN AT LEAST TWO TOOLS PER CLASS: To assist you in fully integrating the permanent cellular shifts that happen, as we move through our journey together.
  • HOMEWORK THAT WILL CAUSE A PERMANENT CELLULAR SHIFT: Every module will offer you experiential homework to cause the changes… and, it will be fun.

This life-changing program is the ultimate experience for people who are ready to take their lives to the next level now, and to be able to dance with all that life presents. You will interact with people just like yourself, who are seeking the best possible experience for the Highest good and joy in this lifetime!


  • DISCOVERY PROCESS: This helps you benchmark your progress, and helps us assist you with your clarity and focus throughout the program.
  • INTERACTIVE Q&A: Interact with Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team during the modules, and get clarity.
  • PROGRAM RECORDINGS: You will get both the audio and video links to download, and be able to listen to deepen your embodiment of the new paradigms.
  • POWERFUL EXERCISES: That are unique to this journey, deliberately sequenced to allow you to make permanent cellular shifts.
  • ACTIVATIONS: Change your default magnetics, so you experience a new relationship to food, your body, your age, and your ability to ‘go direct’ with your innate knowing about life.
  • PRIVATE RESOURCE HUB: Access to The School of Unlimited Life™ (SOUL) – your own Private Resource Library/Hub where all your recordings, articles, and downloads will be located.
  • COMMUNITY FACEBOOK GROUP: Where everyone can connect with each other, Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team. Here you can ask questions about the program and share your experiences as we go along. We will also post bonus material that will support you.
  • LIVE INTERACTIVE GUIDANCE: Transmute hundreds of old patterns that are sabotaging your natural flow in your body, by having your hologram read.
  • LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE: See yourself as the Universe sees you.
  • TRANSMUTE REPETITIVE PATTERNS: Do this in such a way that you do not have to address or analyze most of them. Experience leaving hundreds of limitations, old paradigms, and painful experiences with past relationships far behind you… this technology is unique to TWA.
  • A GAME TO PLAY WITH YOUR EGO: This game will put an end to your need to engage with the attachments that keep you in old patterns.
  • THE MOST FREEING HOMEWORK EVER: The homework we give after each module is designed to shift you, and have you master the tools, skills and new ways of being that grant you the freedom to be all of yourself.

Venue Information

The Fields of Blackberry Cove

Nestled into a beautiful cove located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Fields of Blackberry Cove offers an intimate experience with unspoiled Western North Carolina nature.

Set on 21 rolling acres, the location features many picturesque and intimate indoor and outdoor sites, including a meditation pond, lodge and barn.



Beyond the Body…
Your Physical Body Free from the Limits of Genetics, Aging and 5 Senses



Your Body Beyond Belief…
Transcend self-sabotage through the mastery of your direct cellular connection to Infinite Wisdom


Why Finding Your Purpose assists in Freeing Yourself of Dis-Ease…
Freedom from Judgment of your Body, Entanglement with Food and the Jail of Moods (like depression and anxiety)


Awakening the Potential Clarity…
Your Cells as Your greatest Guide and Metaphysical Connection


Infrastructure for Living in a Thriving Body…
Everyday practices and important tools to bring into your life, so you can expand forward and embody all that is possible


“I have yet to witness the degree of compassion and absence of judgment that is present in the space that gets created when we all get together under the guidance of Jennifer, Jeannie and Adam, with only one goal in sight, which is to remember who we truly are. I know just how uncomfortable it gets and I know the degree of courage it takes, but I’d like to tell you that it really is so worth it. There is such a degree of freedom available beyond the discomfort, once we realize it doesn’t need to have a hold on us anymore.”

~ Carole L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Jennifer Hough is a speaker, alchemist, and author. She is a seer in the deepest sense, as she started seeing the world and individuals holographically. From here, she started creating experiential programs reflecting what she saw about human potential. Her unique Super Power is to activate the essence of who you were meant to be, such that your cells and biology upgrade to that deeper knowing. As this work unfolded, she discovered some paradigms that changed the face of how we relate to Awakening.

This Awakening process allows humans to transcend the need for analysis and to transmute hundreds of aspects of “stuckness,” in days instead of years. You will experience these shifts (get ready!) in GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY™ TO A THRIVING BODY, which will assist you in freeing yourself of old patterns and paradigms that are blocking you from experiencing harmony in every area of your life.

THE URGENCY INSIDE; THE KNOWING THAT MORE IS POSSIBLE: It’s that same sense of urgency Jennifer felt within that created the unique, exponentially more effective, methods that they use to transmute all the stuff that stops you from experiencing harmony in all of your relationships, including the one with yourself.

PROPRIETARY PROCESSES: These techniques activate the deeper truth of who you are, which causes a permanent cellular shift, and opens up your life to give and receive the love you are meant to experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the patterns suddenly
became uninteresting and lost their power?
It is possible to transcend the need to fix yourself before you fly.
That is the beauty of Get Out Of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving Body.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could experience yourself as the Universe sees you, in all areas of your life, no matter the circumstances?

So happy to be part of the program. Something has definitely shifted for me. Now I feel an amazing love for myself. My whole way of thinking has shifted. Thank you so much, Jennifer xoxoxo

~ Mary M., Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


It’s all about Awakening the YOU that you can feel inside… the one who is crying to break free. It’s all about collaborating with those who are like-minded; supporting one another in growth and love, and shining our lights as brightly as we feel the desire – fearlessly! Imagine what the planet would look like if everyone would realize they ARE their own little piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth. When all the pieces are in free, full expression, it can change the planet. That gives us chills!



I’m so excited for you to experience this whole new technology and evolutionary process, as it will Fast Track our journey together. 


  • INITIATIONS: Explore the portals to our collective new paradigms for rockin’ relationships, so that you can go through “new world” doorways
  • ACTIVATIONS: Embody the “Future You,” so that the pathways to the new paradigms become even more effortless
  • CELLULAR ACTIVATIONS: Upgrade the new paradigms in your biology, so that the codes can integrate faster
  • RECONCILIATION OF THE LEFT AND RIGHT BRAIN: Permanently shift your biochemistry so you can effortlessly leave thousands of beliefs behind
  • AMPLIFICATIONS: Magnify the specific frequencies related to each upgrade, to assist you in being a more powerful magnet to that which serves your life and full expression, so you get into your effortless flow
  • CONTENT: Raw audio (mp3) and video (mp4) recordings stored in your own private TWA library
  • Q&A: Ask your personal questions in the LIVE Q&A with Jennifer


  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP: With support, answers, and community… you will find our team and me there assisting
  • RESOURCES: Workbook to journal your experience and record your exercises
  • BONUS PROGRAM: The 12 Days of Awakening Home Study Program; it will help you prepare and you can start now! ($197 VALUE)


Linda S.
Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

“Hey all! This will be my second GO, but have done other programs (Innate Abilities and Flight School) with Jennifer Hough – always moves a ton of energy. Looking forward to moving more!”

Emma F.
Tammisaari, Raseborg, Finland

“As I was marveling over something positive that happened, I heard myself say, ‘Unbelievable!’ in a positive, surprised tone – a line of commentary I’d heard before. The moment after I’d made that mental note, something in me offered ‘Logical’ instead. That’s what is happening here, isn’t it?!! It’s changing an important paradigm. It’s not unbelievable that I’m being supported, it’s logical. I’ve actually never felt this way during an internet course before.”

Ann R.
Fayetteville, Arkansas, United States

“You have left me touched, moved and inspired. Sometimes I am so much more at peace on my own these days! I am changing at such a fast energy and feel so connected to you and the friends I’ve made through the course, and a few others. You are a wonderful person. I am so blessed to have met you. Love and inspiration back.”

What’s Included in The 12 Days of Awakening BONUS that Comes with Your Purchase…

The 12 Days of Awakening is an activation series that will have you Dancing with Everything, Being Open to Receive from the Universe, and Playing with it All! This program will help you prepare for Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving Body. You can start watching now!

An Overview of the 12 Days of Awakening

Day 1: Truly Receiving Love from People, the Environment and Life Itself

Day 2: Vibrant Health Beyond the Jail of Genetics

Day 3: Financial Expansiveness – What it Takes to Truly Thrive
Day 4: Harmony with Family, Parents and Children – Activating Fluidity

Day 5: Your Manifesting Portals

Day 6: Relinquishing Resistance to Fly

Day 7: You and Your Guidance as One

Day 8: Rewire to Have it All Come to You… and the Skills to Dance with It
Day 9: Freedom from Judgment of Yourself or Others

Day 10: Your Super Power DNA

Day 11: Get Out of Your Own Way and End Self Sabotage
Day 12: Permanent Clear Connectedness and Confidence


Contact the Program Director, Sonia Wagner at [email protected].


Want to see what Get Out of Your Own Way™ to a Thriving Body is all about? Watch our introductory workshop replay!