“We are the Change!”

From The Wide Awakening Weekly, December 2, 2015

“Painful events are catalysts that happen in reverse proportion to the degree to which humanity has the courage to awaken.”
~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Dear You,

Although Paris’s recent violence was difficult to witness, and process….things like these events are happening in so many places in the world and in places that are not on TV. It could be very depressing, if we let it be. I get catalyzed, because it is clear to me the kind of change you and I can make together.

It doesn’t make sense to me that Infinite Wisdom would put you and I here on this beautiful planet, if we were just here to be a witness to such heinous incongruent actions on the part of a whole group of disenfranchised people.

The only explanation that I have is this: WE ARE THE CHANGE.

THIS IS WHAT I SAY TO MYSELF EVERY TIME I’M REMINDED OF MY OWN FALLIBILITY….OR OTHERS’ CRUEL ACTS: “I was, am and will continue to be Infinite Wisdom’s idea. For that reason, if even one person forgets that they are loved, important and held in the arms of the Universe, then I still have more love I can embody about myself and about humanity” (maybe it will work for you too?).

With love,


P.S. By the way… I see you, and you are just as powerful. I shared this so you might join the Heaven on Earth Construction Crew with me… pass it on

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