SOAR - The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough

Facilitated by Jennifer Hough, Jeannie Selda & Susannah Hansen
Commencing April 24, 2019



What is SOAR About?

SOAR is for those of you who dance to the beat of your own drum, and know you have something unique to contribute to the world. It is for those of you who are inspired to connect with Higher Levels, and are ready to declare that your dreams are deserving of being expressed in the world.


Feeling so full of love as I write this because I simply can’t imagine not opening up to all of this, not having you all in my life.  It’s the perfect time and I feel ready to fly; freedom without limits. Love you all and so grateful, Jennifer, for your boundless love and passion in waking up the world. You are an extraordinary sis-star and I love you.

Cathy, FS 2015

SOAR is For YOU if:

  • You recognize that doing it alone can keep you small. You are interested in having intimate and interactive conversations/experiences that bring you clarity, while becoming a master of ‘going direct’ with your own personal guidance.
  • You want to crystallize your unique areas of brilliance
  • You want to Run forth without barriers and expand into your piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth
  • You know that “it’s time”: For those who want the fast track to their life’s work, their Awakening, their multi-dimensional abilities, and to be able to ‘go direct’ with their inner guidance.
  • You feel a calling: You are called to have your greater vision come to life in the most fluid way possible. You feel called to assist others by communicating from a place of full alignment, whether you want to apply it to business, health, prosperity, love, relationships, or life’s purpose. (All of these areas of your life will be addressed.)

An Overview of the SOAR Experience

  • Month 1: Introduction, Setting the Stage, Expectations and Not Knowing
  • Month 2: Surrendering to Your Process and Differentiating Your Own Guidance from the Mind’s Fears
  • Month 3: “Doing What Presents”… The Essentials of Making Quantum Leaps
  • Month 4: Developing a New Relationship with Abundance
  • Month 5: What it Really Means to be “On Purpose”
  • Month 6: Putting it All Together for Your Next Steps

What’s Included In SOAR

  • Get Out of Your Own Way™ online, in October 2019 – If you wish to do the Get Out LIVE, then you just have to pay the difference
  • Innate Abilities Skills 1-6 via video
  • The 12 Days of Awakening Home Study Program
  • The 12 Dimensions of DNA Home Study Program
  • One group Webinar per month (2.5 hours), with activations and integrations for each module, working LIVE with your Soar Group
  • Months two, four and five will have an additional bonus Webinar to check in on how you’re doing
  • VIP retreat, in-person, in Asheville, NC – to assist with your projects (travel, accommodations and meals not included)
  • A Discovery call with Jennifer (1 hour); a mid-term 1:1 with Jennifer (45 min); and a completion 1:1 (1 hr) with Jennifer
  • Three (3) reset calls with Jeannie or Susannah
  • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions
  • Additional 1:1 guidance available with Jennifer – Special pricing (½ price) $400 / hour (regular $800/hr) during the 6 month SOAR program only

Interested in




Please complete and submit your information below; you will then receive a call from Susannah, our Program Manager. After that, you will be directed to our scheduling calendar to book your Discovery Session with Jennifer. This will help us to know you better, give you some practical next steps, and assist you in getting clarity about your possible journey in SOAR.


Doing the Day 2 morning activation is priceless! Just having that to begin each day with is worth the entire Soar program. I am feeling so blessed and overjoyed to have followed my instinct to dive in with my fellow Soar-ians. Thank you, Jennifer Hough, for being a relentless champion of your own genius, and facilitating us to champion our own! I am remembering… so deeply grateful.

Bonnie M.
Issaquah WA, USA


Such a beautiful time with my soul family. I am so glad I was there. It was a life-changing experience. I truly felt at home with all of you by the end of the week… There is so much to process! I don’t even know where to begin. I really appreciate those of you who are able to share so freely. I loved all the questions that were asked, and learned much from them and the answers. I’m so grateful for the work that Jennifer does. She has helped me to become a different person. Thank you, Jennifer!

Mirta B.
Bradenton, FL USA


Such a fabulous retreat! Thank you for all you do to assist humanity and to gather all the unicorns… even those that don’t yet realize they are. I love Jennifer’s honesty with us. I love how she cares for each of us, and I feel that she is here to assist and guide us, with no hidden agenda, no demands, just love.

Carol G.
Clarksville, IN, USA


I don’t even know where to begin, or if I can find the words to communicate my experience this week with my beautiful Soar family. It was freakin’ awesome how I was able to see deeper aspects of myself during the retreat, and was able to drop the mental egoic chatter. And… OMG… the fun and laughter was awesome! I’ve not laughed that much in years! Loved it!!!!
I also feel lighter and more clarity about what I’m doing with my business! Yay! I’m extremely excited about life again and ready to get on with living it and being the bridge builder I’m to be!
Jennifer, you are an amazing, beautiful gift to humanity! I NOW realize how loved I am because you came into my life as a magnificent seer, to show me what I couldn’t see.

Lawana H.
Rockmart, GA, USA


I find, since the retreat, that everyone I see and everywhere I go, I have a sense of appreciation and gratefulness beyond anything I have ever experienced before, on a more consistent level. I feel the miraculousness of life and appreciate the gifts that I am receiving every day. They were always there; however, now that I’m not letting anything get in the way of my awareness of all, that is so great. I especially want to thank you all and let you know how much I appreciate every one of you, with no exception, on how all of you played a role in my ability to be grateful and appreciative!!!!!! I feel the miracle that we all are!!!!!! Thank you, Jennifer, for making it all possible!!!! You are a leader of miracle workers!!!!!!

Susan F.
Tempe, AZ, USA


This retreat has been beyond phenomenal. I didn’t know what to expect. Only that I had to be here. I really got how I’ve been keeping most everything and everyone, including the Universe, which so wants to play with me, out. And, more importantly, how even receiving isn’t about me. Because if I’m not allowing the Universe or people in, if I’m not asking and/or receiving, I’m not living my piece of the puzzle. I’m not doing the job I was literally born for. And that’s no longer okay with me. It’s literally that important. It’s GO time.

Sophia L.
Milan, Italy


Love you so much, Jen! So glad I made it to the retreat — nothing short of life changing :)))))))) XOXO

Tom M.
Dorset, UK

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