From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Psst… do you hear what I’m saying?

“The mind would say, “Why is this so hard?”
The Universe would say, “Did you hear my message to redirect you?””

~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

I was on my laptop, responding to emails and to messages on Facebook at the same time. I had a ton of things that my mind was attached to accomplishing that day. Have you had days like that? I had a huge list of “to-do’s”, and then all of a sudden, BAM! The internet stopped working.

I know as soon as things “stop working”, it’s time to look for what I am being redirected to… like taking a break or going out and moving my body. If the Universe does indeed love me, then bless the angels that re-direct me to do what is in my highest by shaking my tree… even if my mind doesn’t like it.

Would you be willing to stop pretending you are in control, and to realize that you are in a beautiful dance instead? It’s way more fun to salsa than to wrestle with the Universe. Just saying.

With Love, Jennifer xoxo

Ya ever notice how your ego loves to prove itself by doing it “your way?” I’m starting to prefer having a dance partner… being alone is so last century. xoxo

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