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TWA-Quantum-Icon-150xThe Monthly Wake-Up Call

Get clarity on your Awakening Journey with this monthly Q&A!

Are YOU someone who is on a journey of personal discovery?

Do you feel a sense of urgency to Awaken, with clarity, on the Fast Track?

Join Jennifer and Team on these monthly calls where Jennifer ‘goes direct’ with consciousness to:

  • Activate the DNA of Fluidity so you can keep up with the shifts in the world, and your life
  • Get your questions answered, have Jennifer reach into the realms of Infinite Wisdom as a seer, and find clarity on any subject
  • Give your mind peace, by finding deeper understanding about conflict, change and struggle in your life and in the world, so that you can stay in your “Miracle Zone”
  • Do the Future Portal Openings at the end of each program for your monthly reset, that you can listen to all month long
  • Be in a community of those coming together to find the leading edge of thought, fluidity and shifts… in a space of curiosity, adventure and love


“I am replaying and replaying the calls. I can feel the shifts happening. The changes are tangible. I love being in the place of just allowing the flow of life to live through me. It feels so good to know the Universe has my back and I can just move thru life with ease. Thanks for all the work/play you do helping raise the vibration on the planet. In Light and Laughter,”

Sonia W., Toronto, ON

Do You Ever Wonder…?

  • Where you can find an expansive community of those willing to go deep and ask the profound questions about life, the world, who we are, and why we are here?
  • About the multi-dimensional reality of the science behind it all, and how to catch up to the evolved ways to dance with all the changes, without being on a roller coaster ride?
  • How you can operate in constant fluidity and bring peace to your mind in order to easily connect to your guidance?
  • Do I really have to go on this journey alone?
  • Is there a way to skip all the mental strategy and analysis of my past, and simply ‘go direct’ to who I was born to be?


I poke my head into many things, and not everything resonates with me, but your work, your newsletter, and especially (your) … Wake-Up Call definitely plays my music.

Len R., Atlanta, GA

On-Demand The Monthly Wake-Up Call™ Replays:

January 2019

December 2018

TITLE: Clearing 2018, and Embodying New and Powerful Paradigms for You and Humanity

November 2018

TITLE: Understanding the Super Powers Necessary for Complete Freedom from Analysis and from Distractions in Life

October 2018

TITLE: The Three Essentials of a Deeply Fulfilling Life: Beyond Anxiety, Depression, Indecision and Doubt

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September 2018

TITLE: The Truth about Prayer, Intention and Affirmations, Visualizations, and How to Truly Receive without Effort

August 2018

TITLE: Our Star Seed Nature, and Why Our DNA is So Special!

July 2018

TITLE: Thriving as Your Piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth

June 2018

TITLE: The Five Essentials of Living as Your Piece of the Puzzle of Heaven on Earth

May 2018

TITLE: ‘Going Direct’ with Your Innate Wisdom… How to Make it Your New Normal!

April 2018

TITLE: How to Free Yourself of Worry… about your Life, your Family and your Finances, so you can Live in Clarity Consistently

March 2018

TITLE: Constant and Consistent Clarity Regarding Your Path Forward Without the Doubt

February 2018

TITLE: The Mastery of Fully Integrating with your Guidance – The Essentials of Dancing with What Consciousness Presents, Without Self Doubt

January 2018

TITLE: Vibrational Preparation for 2018: The Year of “Getting on with It”

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December 2017

TITLE: Ending Deep Polarity in Your Life and on the Planet as 2018 Approaches

November 2017

TITLE: What Will it Take to Find Peace on the Planet, and in Your Life?

October 2017

TITLE: Finding Your Body’s Cosmic Size, Vitality and Health

September 2017

TITLE: The Deeper Dive into Solar Events, World Events, Geographic Events, Dolphins, Whales and How We Are Being Supported in our Awakening on a Metaphysical Scale

August 2017

TITLE: The Instant Way to Free-Up at Least 100% More Energy!

July 2017

TITLE: The Way to Make Awakened Love Last

May 2017

TITLE: The Power of Awakening Your Future Portals for Spring

April 2017

TITLE: Being Inspired Forward and Following the Calling of Your Heart 

March 2017

TITLE: What is Awakened Love and How Do We Experience It?

February 2017

TITLE: Transcending the Need to Control Your Life in Any Way

January 2017

TITLE: Having Your Own Flourishing Personal Economy – Free of the Rat Race

Not Sure How It Will Change Your Life?

  • You Are Not Alone:  We have a great sense of community on our private page for the group and on every call. This is a place where seeking “weirdness” and “curiosity” are normal.  We see you!
  • Free Yourself Of Fears:  By getting your questions answered, and seeing the deeper truth of what is really happening so you don’t have to be alone in your mind.
  • Gain Clarity:  Go ahead and ask the “out there,” global or personal questions about love, health, abundance, relationships, Star Seeds, human super powers, and the current changes in the world, so that you can continue your journey with joy.
  • Stay On The Leading Edge Of The Shifts So You Can Maintain Flow:  As you learn and integrate the new skills made available in recent shifts in consciousness, the monthly DNA upgrades will allow for an expanded capacity in your ability to flow directly with life, beyond the filters.
  • Expand Your Ability To Have Everything Come To You:  We’ll demonstrate, take your questions, and have yummy discussions that will assist you to be clear about how to live in fluidity in life. It takes practice to ‘go direct’ with infinite wisdom, as we are so used to being in our minds.
  • Get Off The Roller Coaster:  Get even more connected to your super powers, such that you can find your miracle zone, no matter what is going on in your life.
  • Love Your Life:  By changing the default way you operate, developing neural pathways and becoming a magnet to all that is waiting for you.
  • Momentum Without Doubt:  Have the benefit of the collective group’s ability to tap into life’s flow together, so you don’t get pulled by what is going on around you politically, in your family, or with projects. It’s AMAZING to have a high-vibration community that is a place of support, finding answers and deeper understanding, so you can fly forward with consistency, beyond self-doubt!


“GREAT challenges and openings. You were SO on a roll… touched me so deeply… breaking open; dying, being reborn.. telling the truths I barely have thought, and you’re just SAYING THEM out loud to us all…”

Gwendolyn M., Arizona

We’d love for you to join our expansive community of those willing to go deep and ask the profound questions about who we are and why we are here. In times of great change, it is magical to have this level of support, guidance, and community.

What Happens On and After The Call?

  • Q&A WITH JENNIFER:  Send in your questions, or ask them on the Private Facebook Group Page and get the answer on The Monthly Wake-Up Call™. Post further comments and questions after the call on the private Facebook Page, and dive into clarity even more with Jennifer and The Wide Awakening Team.
  • A CHANNELED SESSION FOR THE GROUP:  Jennifer ‘goes direct’ with all of consciousness without any filters, with the collective of our guidance and manifestational realms. This is where you will get the deeper understanding of what’s going on around you, and the upgrades you need to stay in your flow as life expands forward.
  • AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDINGS OF EACH CALL:  Re-listen a few times so you can create permanent clarity in your body. Listen to the mp3 on your iPod, phone, or while you sleep.
  • A FINAL FUTURE PORTAL OPENING:  That assists you to retrain your brain and your cells to catch up to the evolution of the world around you, so you can stay in flow; we call it an Activation. We highly recommend you listen every morning as a reset for your day.
  • RESOURCE PAGE WHERE WE CONTINUE TO SHARE, GAIN CLARITY, AND ACTIVATE DURING THE MONTH: Suggested videos, books, and movies that all are in support of your Awakening journey. These inspire wonder, bring joy, and assist in deepening your understanding on a cellular level!
  • COMMUNITY:  A Private Facebook Group Page to commune, share, and ask clarifying questions with Jennifer, The Wide Awakening Team, and others who are in The Heaven on Earth Construction Crew!

If you’re receiving our Wide Awakening Weekly Activations, you will receive a few reminders every month letting you know it’s time to join, and you can purchase The Monthly Wake-Up Call.  

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