From the Wide Awakening Weekly, Friday, September 4, 2015

Keep swimming… just keep swimming!

“If you try to control the Universe, you won’t have much fun in life. If you want to have fun, put your dancing shoes on and simply learn the salsa the Universe has been dancing for eons.” ~ Jennifer Hough (Tweet me!)

Hi there,

The other night in the full moon, I went to the beach with my 10-year-old buddy Kiara and my friend Sonia (her mom). We played in the waves and talked about the ocean under the moonlight. It was so glorious.

Nature so obviously mirrors our dance with the Universe. We were talking about how if you meet the waves by challenging them face on, they can knock you over more easily. However, if you stand sideways to the waves with grace, you can play with them more easily. If you don’t pay attention and face the other way, they can knock you down to remind you that they are always there and to pay attention.

There is never a wave too big, because you can always dive under it. When you start to realize how to play with the waves, they become so fun you will never want to get out of the water!

With gratitude from the Bahamas…

With Love and Ocean waves,
Jennifer xoxo

…and you are always all with us wherever we go. xoxo

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