“Just choose something… anything. The Universe will either re-direct you, or join you in your choice.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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For the Universe to waltz with you, it needs a willing dance partner. It’s not until you get on the dance floor that it can show you all the miracles that await. Of course, you can always choose your preferences if you get scared, just as the Universe can re-direct you to the fast track!

Where in your life are you trying to get it ‘”right” before you take a step forward?
Where in your life are you worried you are going to get it wrong?

Do you think the Universe cares if you get it wrong? Hey, it just wants to co-create a dance that’s never been danced… ergo, you can’t get it right, ’cause there ain’t any rules yet! That’s the fun of it all!… Just sayin’

With love,


P.S. Is Heaven a place; (a) you get to one day, or (b) is it available right now in the dance? What would change for you if the answer was (b)?