Happy Merry Everything to you…

Picture Credits – Jeannie Selda

“It’s the time of year for slowing down, creating space and
listening for what is coming up and ready to leave.
Reach out if you need assistance of any kind, ask for help and
unconditional love from others, and from Source.
Give yourself the gift of time and reflection.

Jennifer Hough

After listening to the news of a dear friend really struggling at this time of year, and some news I was aware of another colleague who was deeply depressed, it became pretty apparent what I wanted to share with you at this intense time of year.

This time of year can be so beautiful and yet it can also be challenging as there are several coinciding significant events.

1. The Winter Solstice: which is an opportunity to look at our choices, restart, and go within to remember ourselves as we move into the next major phase of the year.

2. A major figure’s birthday: Jeshuah represents compassion and forgiveness in the world, Christ consciousness being about unconditional love.

3. The End of a Yearly Cycle and the Beginning of a New One: These combined focus points allow us access to the love needed to move through just about anything, if we so choose.

At the same time, everything that is incomplete, ready to be transmuted, or unnecessary for the year to come will surely reveal itself.

It’s the time of year for slowing down, creating space and listening for what is coming up. Reach out if you need assistance of any kind, asking for help and unconditional love from others, and from Source. Give yourself the gift of time and reflection.


Carrying others, and those ‘should’, ‘must’ and ‘have to’ traditions are choices not necessarily required of you, unless you absolutely love to do them.

Ever wondered why so many choose to leave the planet in the festive season, disproportionately to the rest of the year? Like Twitch, who I adore. Outward appearances literally mean nothing. We have no idea what someone’s life is like; it’s so important to understand that for many people, this is the most challenging time of the year. It affects the very people who helped create the greatest and most challenging evolutions in our own consciousness – our families.

When we don’t take the time to slow down to speed up, have important conversations and move through what is necessary in order to feel complete, we’re left with spiritual dissonance sitting in our bodies, ignored and stored as a rift in the system.


1. Answer the question: What old patterns came up and left this year?

2. Look at patterns that you want to complete around relationships, business and health. Be grateful for clearing the decks.

3. Thank people you love.

4. Have grace for the times you didn’t do your best, and allow yourself clarity on how that can happen the next time.

5. Take lots of walks, breathe, journal and be present to the beauty around you, enjoying the spaciousness required to upgrade ourselves for the year to come.

6. Most of all celebrate those you love, all you find beautiful and yourself for all of your evolutions and courage.

7. Go to our Youtube Page, and listen to this about Thriving in Times of Great Change….it will help. (please like and follow us too!)

Celebrating you, celebrating this journey together. Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, glorious full moon, Happy Channuka, and warm wishe for all holidays you celebrate.

Here’s to finding true fulfillment and meaning, while being the piece of the puzzle that we were born to be, waking up inspired and living in total flow in 2023.

With all my love,



When things change…

When things change…

Well, my old backpack died after 13 years of climbing mountains, going to swim with dolphins, and chasing rainbows in Hawaii. It’s the beige backpack. I’m thinking of all the people whom we’ve taken on Wide Awakening Adventures and program trips (including you!)

Honestly, letting it go was hard as I happily remembered being with Cathy in Bimini, Vikki in Italy, Nika in Asheville, Amy in Abaco, Jenny in Uxbridge, and so many more special moments. That backpack was a constant companion for all of it. When I threw it in the trash, I really felt I should have a ceremony, SO I DID!

It feels like everything is up to leave this year … clearing the decks with the Winter Solstice, Jeshua’s birthday coming, New Year celebrations, and all.

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We have beliefs about money (we all do)…

We have beliefs about money (we all do)…

This week I’m feeling called to share with you an excerpt from my #1 international best-selling book: UNSTUCK: The Physics of Getting Out of Your Own Way

Chapter 4: Financial Expansiveness: What It Takes To Truly Thrive…

“The truth is that your natural state is one of abundance. I’m sure that you might respond to that statement by saying, “If it’s true that my natural state is abundance, how come it’s not reflected in my checkbook?”

I would counter that you are already abundant. Unfortunately, if this area of your life is an issue, the part of you that doesn’t want to acknowledge how abundant you really are is trying to train your brain to collect evidence to the contrary.

Why would it do that? Well, it’s dangerous to have money. People like me don’t have money. Tall poppies get their heads chopped off. It’s more virtuous not to have money. It doesn’t matter if we figure it out because we are probably only figuring it out from the perspective that we are broken.

Somehow, we operate under the flawed premise that knowing why we are broken might fix us. Right? See how it works?

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It’s easy for me to disconnect from my future

It’s easy for me to disconnect from my future

I want to share with you this week a recent experience with my sweetie about staying connected to others, and what good is that if you are not connected to yourself!

His back has been really hurting him lately, and he is doing so much to ensure he makes his connection to his body, the future he wants, and his guidance.

When he is in pain, it’s easy for me to disconnect from my future, my guidance and my heart because I worry. Which, of course, doesn’t last very long (minutes, in fact) because you know what I know… that it is so disempowering to our partners and those we love to not know “they have this.”

In fact, worrying has the opposite result from the one I desire, which is that he finds his way to healing and health. My worry tells consciousness that I don’t trust his connection, nor does he have his own ability to heal.

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