Personal Guidance for Your Awakening Journey


What if it were possible to embody your own truth and honor your journey, in every moment, even during the most challenging times? Are you ready to stop the self-doubt and learn how to ‘go direct’ with your own innate wisdom? Is it time for you to fly forward?

Our Awakening Guides are
here to assist you to:

  • Follow your heart’s calling and align your thoughts and actions with that calling
  • To get clarity on who you are and why you are here
  • Embody your own unique Super Powers
  • Access your own guidance, so that you can connect to your own answers
  • To become free from that which has been holding you back
  • Transmute old beliefs using Get Out of Your Own Way™ techniques unique to Awakening

How do you know if working with an Awakening Guide is for you?

You are someone who:

  • Knows there is freedom beyond the struggle
  • Wants want to skip the long processes
  • Is committed to getting over feeling broken or needing fixing
  • Is willing to be seen beyond your story and self-judgments
  • Is looking for a safe place to share openly and be “heard”
  • Is looking for advanced skills and techniques to go from where you are to where you know you could be
  • Desires quantum leaps in your life
  • Wants to discover the most fluid path to living your purpose
  • Is tired of doing it alone and knows that co-creating can assist in moving you powerfully forward

What are the benefits of working with our Awakening Guides?

  • Experience a permanent cellular shift versus a mental experience
  • Learn to live fluidly, instead of struggling and using mental strategies; learn to go with the flow and know that the Universe truly has your back, no matter what happens
  • Learn to transcend overwhelm and busyness
  • Experience more fulfillment in your life as you learn new skills and tools to enjoy life on a deeper level
  • Get more accomplished in far less time
  • Become more open and receptive to your own heart’s calling
  • Gain confidence in identifying and using your Innate Abilities
  • Find a whole new level of freedom by transmuting old patterns instead of analyzing old beliefs
  • From a quantum perspective, gain clarity on why you’re here, including your passion and purpose
  • Put your newfound clarity into powerful language that activates, reminds and calls you forward
  • Connect to your own wisdom and take action by learning to ‘go girect’ instead of only relying on mental strategies
  • Experience upgrades to your physical body, including emotional and mental well-being

How does Awakening Guidance work?

When working with an Awakening Guide, there are some basic steps in the process:

  • Discovery: Gain clarity on where you are at and what is calling your heart forward
  • Expand your vision: Explore what is possible on your journey
  • Tools: Empower you with the tools to transcend hundreds of belief systems that have been in the way, without engaging the sources of those struggles
  • Skills and Experiences: Provide you with the skills and practical experiences to fly forward
  • Infrastructure: Create an infrastructure for thriving, so that your daily shifts become effortless

Your Next Steps:

  1. Choose your Awakening Guide
  2. Book a free 30-minute Discovery session
  3. Fill out the Discovery Session Form that you will receive and return to us
  4. We will schedule a time to connect and go on the adventure of discovery together!

This tipped the scales for me and I thank you once again for your influence in my life. I met you at the perfect time in my life to turn the tide and I will be forever grateful. Love you, Jennifer.

Marsha G., Delta, ON, Canada


Working with Adam as my coach has literally changed my life. I have felt my self-confidence increase dramatically as a result of the guidance he provides for me during our sessions.

Phillip L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Jeannie, you are like a light-house. Ever present, ever warm. I have never felt such love from an individual. Your touch gives comfort; your presence is like a gift.

Charmaine W. London, UK.


I’m absolutely buzzing and I just had to write and say thank you for all the amazing guidance and assistance that your beautiful self has given me over the past years. I have no words to say how full my heart is right now, and it’s all thanks to the tools and gifts you’ve helped me to remember.

Thomas S., Dorset, UK


Jennifer Hough

Jennifer Hough is a speaker, alchemist, and author. She is a seer in the deepest sense, as she started seeing the world and individuals holographically. She started creating experiential programs reflecting what she saw about human potential. Her unique ability is to activate the essence of who you were meant to be, such that your cells and biology upgrade to that deeper knowing.

Who I am:

PURPOSE, FULFILLMENT AND FLUIDITY GUIDE:  I assist those who want the faster track to thriving, so they can live a fulfilled life completely aligned with their purpose.

I assist you to:

  • Align with who you are and why you’re really here
  • Integrate with your multi-dimensional Super Powers and Innate Abilities
  • Skip the long processes and ‘go direct’ with your Guidance
  • Transcend and dissolve old patterns, including self-sabotage, and learn skills to truly thrive
  • Move out of survival and emergency modes, so you can enjoy your journey in love, work, and play
  • Shift the old paradigm of needing to work so hard, so that you can embody ease and flow

My clients are:

  • Men and women who know they have a powerful purpose and calling
  • Leaders seeking more knowledge of advanced metaphysical tools
  • Those who powerfully desire a direct relationship with their guidance, and want the clarity and confidence that comes from ‘going direct’ with Infinite Wisdom
  • Those who are passionately committed to bringing change to the world, their lives and their families

SPECIALTY: Awakening Leaders, Embodying Super Powers, Ending Self-Sabotage


I am so incredibly in love with you, Jennifer. Of all the people on this planet, you gave me back to me, and for that, I am so over the moon. I am so appreciative for how you showed me to be who I really am, no apology required!!!

Irene W., Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada



Jeannie, I want to tell you what an amazing leader you are. I’ve witnessed you time and time again bring peace and congruence in the most awkward and difficult situations. It’s really an incredible gift that you have, and are able to contribute to these groups that show up for your guidance and support. You inspire me constantly; your strength and the pillar that you are is something I have a lot of reverence for. I love you, sister! Keep on being who you so brilliantly already are!!

Carole L., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jeannie Selda


Jeannie Selda is the General Manager of The Wide Awakening, and the Program Director for TWA’s Flight School program. She has been on an Awakening journey of expansion for the past 15 years. This path has taken her on some of the most incredible journeys around the world; from swimming with the wild dolphins in Bimini, to climbing the ruins of Machu Picchu, to kayaking with the humpback whales in Maui. Her mission? To emanate her love and light, leading by example for her 12-year-old twin boys and those around her, demonstrating what it looks like to dance fully with what presents, to share what’s possible when you leap into your life, and to let the heart win over the mind.

Jeannie was immersed in the corporate telecommunications world for 15 years before her current leadership position at The Wide Awakening, where she assists people to fly forward with their lives and activate the deeper truth of who they are. At TWA, she is affectionately known as “the Zookeeper,” because she is a key player at overseeing the business, its staff, and the people who come to play. Jeannie’s passion lies in documenting, through her camera lens, the infinite beauty of this adventure and the freedom and fun of all that is possible.

Who I Am

RELATIONSHIP, PARENTING & FLUIDITY GUIDE: I assist people who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and lost in their daily relationships, to find peace and clarity so they can experience more fluidity and expansiveness in their lives, families, and relationships.

  • Communication
  • Honoring oneself
  • No barriers (vulnerability)

I assist you to:

  • Learn the skills that allow your heart to win over the madness of your mind
  • Transcend the patterns that sabotage your relationships with yourself, your family and with others
  • Develop a fluid, honoring and open space with your children and in your relationships
  • Create an environment for safe, open and powerful communication within your relationships
  • Connect to your own inner guidance, so you feel confident in making decisions
  • Move through any limiting beliefs, to open yourself up to new ways of being in the world, and especially in your relationships
  • Move out of “survival mode” and get back to what is truly important to you

My clients are:

  • Women, single mothers, families, teens
  • Women who are overwhelmed and feel the sole responsibility and obligation of everyone’s happiness and well-being
  • Women who are entangled with the old paradigm of how relationships are “supposed to be,” rather than playing with expansive, fluid adventures

SPECIALTY: Parenting, Relationships, Women, Men, Single Mothers


Jeannie, you are so beyond love and compassion and assistance that I watch in awe. You walk with joy in your heart and knowingness in your being. I love you for your enthusiasm, for the unlimited possibilities that I know you see and feel.

Colleen L.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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