“Letting love win will cause fluidity in every area of your life. This includes letting love of deeper truths and integrity win.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Photo: By: Jeannie Selda, 2016

Dear You:

I used to think that letting love win meant being a doormat. That actually played out in my divorce a decade ago. I did not listen to my heart; I was scared to speak my heart, and I let the fear of “not being liked” win. I did not let love win… and I’ve learned so much about the metaphysics of flow as a result.

There is a vast difference between letting the love of integrity to one’s soul win, and letting love win at the cost of one’s congruency. The first is filled with flow, ease and expansive non-linear results; the second causes lots of bumps and unnecessary long-term upset.

It’s so important we know how to flow in all of our relationships…

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With an open heart,