“By having the courage to speak your heart’s truth, you resonate with the harmony of all of nature. Nature that only resonates with expansiveness and love. Now that is power that trumps all.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

A few days ago, millions of women (and men) from all over the world marched in harmony with what brings us together and this is what I got:
* That no matter the origin, creed, and color we are all one race -a Human race
* That respect, compassion and dignity are essential to our future
* That it really doesn’t matter how the news is twisted, and leaders
bend truths, we essentially know what is real in our hearts.

I remember the movie Avatar, and how powerful Natiri was, this Amazon woman who lived her life in strong, powerful, harmony with nature… our nature. Jake realized the congruency in her heart and words, and could not escape that deeper truth, even though he tried. Inauthentic power cannot win in the long run, but it also takes all of us seeing beyond the illusions that we are presented, and having the courage to be heard and seen.

For me so many movies are channeled as future Activations. A recent one is the movie Arrival.

Avatar affected me profoundly, because I knew how many people of various beliefs and backgrounds would watch it. It transcended boundaries with common deeper truths.

I spoke my truth on January 21st when teaching Get Out of Your Own Way™ to Success and Abundance, but then, I truly aim to do that every day. Here’s to the power of joining at the heart, and expressing with no regrets, our glorious deeper truths… knowing that we are the change.

Have a listen and watch:

With an open heart,


Are Some Movies Channelled to Shift Humanity?

Hey, it’s Jennifer! How are you doing?

There’s a theme… I’m just so struck, and so appreciative of, the power of movies. Adam and I LOVE movies because they transport us. But it seems to me that lately there’s a LOT of movies that are activating deeper truths. So, I wanted to talk about Avatar, one of my favorite movies of all times; although, there’s been many since then. Actually, things like the movie with Keanu Reeves (The Matrix)… “blue pill or red pill,” which, by the way, I watched because a 76-year-old woman said to me, “You really, really have to watch Neo, blue pill/ red pill… Jennifer, it’s so you!” And the funny thing is, I watched… I watched it, and it changed me. It was the first time a movie shocked me on a personal level, and I really didn’t care about the violence, because the message was so profound. And I knew lots of people who would watch… would love violence… would watch, or who liked those kinds of movies, would watch that movie; and how cool that people that watched it strictly for the, like.. the harsh parts of it… would watch that movie, because the message was so profound, and, normally, I wouldn’t watch it at all, because I didn’t like the blood and the guts and everything.

So, but, Avatar, is the movie that I was going to talk about today. Avatar, and the message that I wanted to bring to you is that, for me, when I watched it, I bawled, I cried, I couldn’t stop crying… I was with my friends, Shawne Duperon and Terry Duperon, both of whom I love… and, I just, I didn’t know what to say. I knew it was a movie; it was world-changing. I knew it would reach millions, hundreds of millions of people, and the message really was, for me ultimately, that we have the capacity to remember ourselves. And that we are part of Nature, and that the harmony that Nature lives in, we can also live in. And when we start to allow ourselves to get out of “survival mode,” and then maybe that Nature itself reminds us that she’s already thriving, and we’re part of her; but, what we’ve done is we’ve separated ourselves. We said… we’ve said that we’re above Nature, we can save Nature, we can rescue Nature; the problem is, Nature can do that by herself. And until we become and join as one, and live in that level of respect and reverence, and expansiveness… until we get into our natural state… trees, flowers, green, cycle, seasons… are all relentless, they don’t stop, they keep expanding forward. We are that. They already know that consciousness is operating for them, the planet is operating for them, and in Nature, when something of Nature isn’t working for Nature, Nature figures out a way to make sure it leaves. And so, we have been that for awhile; that thing that wasn’t so simpatico.

What I loved about Avatar, is that even from the point of having a tail that you plug into the six-legged horse, or into the dragon… when you allow yourself to actually become one, you now have the capacity and the power, by joining with… by accessing, the truth of who you are to shift anything; which, for me, is the power of a love that transcends every dimension. The interesting thing is, I’ve talked about love in another Wide Awakening Weekly, but it does transcend dimensions… so powerful.

So, today, as you go about your day, and all week until our next message, remember, you’re surrounded relentlessly by trees… I’m looking out all my windows… by trees, and nature, and grasses, and flowers, and… all of those things are infusing you with the remembrance of the truth of who we are. And, from that place, worlds, and politics, and economics, and all sorts of things are changeable; because now, you’re multi-dimensional, as opposed to three-dimensional.

Alright, here’s to our beautiful Avatar-selves! Love you madly and… til next time!