What is an Awakened Relationship? - The Wide Awakening with Jennifer Hough

“Awakened love only requires two ingredients. Playmates who agree to go on the adventure and a blank slate without shoulds, musts, or have to’s.”
~ Jennifer Hough

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Dear You:

Happy Love Day! Just know that whether you are with someone romantically or not, we have the privilege of experiencing love beyond the limitations of human boundaries every day of our lives, if we choose. Love for nature, love for our lives, love for a dear one, love for our pets, and love for the journey we are on, no matter how tough sometimes.

Here is a little love note from Adam and me to free you up on the subject of love and relationships… and you’ll find out about a very new, earth-shaking paradigm called “Sniggly Snoo”… (so fun)

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With an open heart,



Hi! It’s Jennifer and Adam… guess which one is which?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, we just got married not too long ago.

Completely spontaneous… oh, you kids! Oh, you kids, you crazy kids!

So, we want to talk to you about a word that is in a program we do called “Flight School.” The word was invented a couple of years ago. And, it was the group that invented it. We all worked together until we came up with it, so we don’t want to take full credit here; the word is “Sniggly Snoo.” So, what is a Sniggly Snoo, Sweetie?

In what context did Sniggly Snoo come up? We were in the intimacy part of the workshop. We were talking about relationships and the fact that people had labels and identities; e.g., this is how you should be; this is how the boys should be; and this is how the feminine should be. It was just very label-filled, and full of identities. And, lots of judgment: “Am I in a relationship?” “What’s my relationship status?” “Why doesn’t my relationship look like your relationship?”

The world-famous question: “So what are we doing here… what are we doing?”

What are we calling this now? Because if you can’t call it something, perceptively, there’s not a way to really understand it. So, it’s kind of like the same thing around Valentine’s Day; it can either be a day of celebration because you’ve got a great relationship, or it can be time for self-reflection and, “Why don’t I have the relationship I deserve?” or, ‘Why don’t I have a relationship, period?”

So we are going to put the brakes on, just like I put the brakes on that day, and I said “Sniggly Snoo.” Everyone was like, “What the hell is a Sniggly Snoo?” A Sniggly Snoo is basically a relationship that is outside the definition of any relationship. It is nothing related to anything you already know about. So, what are some of the characteristics of a Sniggly Snoo, Sweetie Pie?

The main characteristic is that the only people who can qualify this are the two people who are in it. Or the 3 people who make it really complicated; 4 people… but, you see how that completely eliminates, at least in my opinion, the tendency for comparisons. There’s no way to compare one Sniggly Snoo to another Sniggly Snoo, because they are completely independent of one another.

What also happened is, I realized at that point that we were in a Sniggly Snoo, because we don’t have traditional male/female roles. In fact, I would say it’s the opposite sometimes, in some ways…

In some ways, certainly…

And in other ways, it’s like that again, or it’s a whole new thing.

Our identities evolve from the sexual orientations of our spirits, dancing with one another, and can be both masculine or feminine, depending on the situation. There are certainly things where I take the lead role, and there are lots of places where Jennifer takes the lead role, but we’re not bound by simply the masculine and the feminine.

The next characteristic: you’re playmates. You’re not interested in getting somewhere, or finding peace, so you can drive an RV and then you can die in the middle of the desert, one day being fully fulfilled. It’s not about making it safely to retirement. It’s about going on the adventure called WHOO HOO! By the way, it could be a friendship or it could be a love relationship. So on Valentine’s Day this time, let’s celebrate those kinds of relationships. By the way, when you find a playmate who wants to go on the life adventure with you, that is love. Because it’s not limited by anything; you get to go down a wormhole that’s endless, and it’s filled with curiosity. It’s filled with knowing someone more deeply; it’s filled with vulnerability; it’s filled with super, super vulnerability. Did I happen to mention vulnerability?

You mentioned vulnerability…

It could be filled a lot with vulnerability…

I think one of the other important aspects of being in a Sniggly Snoo is the realization of those who are in the Sniggly Snoo; that it’s an evolution. The relationship is not static, the person you met evolves, and the relationship gets to evolve as well. There were a couple of situations over the last week or so, where Jennifer and I got to take a look at how we were viewing the world, or how we were standing in the world, and how that changed depending on how we were interacting with it. She and I could have completely different ways of viewing it, but that overall deepens the relationship. Especially with that type of understanding, and that understanding can only come from vulnerability.

Right. That he could view things one way, and I could respect that; it’s like, “Oh, I totally get how you could….” And he viewed it my way, and it’s like, Oohhhh….” It could have been frustrating, but instead, it’s kind of fascinating. So, back to the comparison thing: you literally, in Sniggly Snoo, cannot compare yourself to any other relationship. We have friends who have a really snuggly, intimate way of being very smooshy, and although we’re very snuggly and intimate…

Yeah, but smooshy?

We’re also very… we’re smooshy… but we’re also really playful and loud and silly and kind of like extroverted, and all these things, so our relationship, and what we have to go through from our past together is very different from what others have. Our stuff was a lot around control; for some around betrayal, for some people it’s around trust, and for some people it’s around… All sorts of stuff comes up. But, you see, the one common thing every Sniggly Snoo has in common is that your heart always wants love to win. You always get called back; you just feel like, “This feels so bad,” and then all of a sudden you just get this call, like you just want love to win. Whether it’s a friendship, or a love relationship, or whatever.

So, this year for Valentine’s Day, celebrate the Sniggly Snoo you have in your life.

Sniggly Snoo WHOOO HOOO… Sniggly Snoo ROCKKKKKK!!!

And don’t get caught up with all that other bullshit about comparing yourselves to the TV commercials or the Hallmark cards. Nobody has that!

Create your own Sniggly Snoo; romance your own wife…

A Sniggly Snoo is so much; it’s so yummy! A Sniggly Snoo is way beyond a Hallmark card; you can’t represent an SS in a Hallmark card. I dare Hallmark to represent an SS!! BOOM Shacka Pow

It’s on now… Jennifer called it!!

Everyone.. HAPPY Valentine’s Day! HAPPY LOVE DAY, HAPPY ALL OF YOUR Sniggly Snoo’s. Those deep love ties with people who are willing to go on that adventure, the soul sisters and brothers, whether they’re romantic or otherwise…

And romance your life, not just on Valentine’s Day, but everyday… you’re worth it.

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